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January 2018
Happy New Year!

Another year is past. It's a time for new ideas, new growth and of course getting rid of the old. As I reflect on the past year I realize I learned so much more this time around. 

I  learned to make my world smaller. I know this doesn't work with the idea of social media but when it comes to actually using social media to grow your business, I have found that it only created more work for me that truly didn't get me anywhere of importance. Yes I got more followers but nothing else. The one thing that I do agree on is, it does get my brand name out there and maybe with the law of averages, and over time, I may see something of value from it. 

I also learned that more isn't always best. I advertised less this year via the time proven methods of the past and got more business than I did with any of the social media outlets that I currently use, with a lot less time consuming work. 

I learned that excellent customer service still wins hands down as the best way to attract new and repeat business. Especially when you offer custom work.
I learned that not everyone understands your value. Most people have no idea what it takes to create and run a small business. The hours that you put in that you will never get "paid" for, the research and development time where you make your many mistakes and have to take the losses associated with those mistakes, and of course, the money spent on bringing new ideas to fruition.
I will take all that I have learned as I look at and think about any new ideas that I come up with this year. I will not dream smaller but I will dream smarter.
I wish all of you a very Happy New Year! I wish you all many new dreams, big or small. 

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