Happy New Year!

As we move into February I start implementing my plan for this year. My networking group started our first meeting of the year with us creating vision boards. I remember growing up, we did this all of the time on our mirrors in our rooms. It changed on a regular basis as it covered all aspects of our lives in those moments. My plan is to keep my vision board up in my office and do much the same thing as I did way back when. Growth means change. I just smile and keep on going. It all comes down to creative thinking as far as I am concerned. Some months I work better than others at creating new ideas. I am going into my 6th year of business and I need to retrace some of my missteps and remember what I learned from them. I also have to remind myself to not get over confidant. I tend to truly make mistakes when I do.  As I get older time seems to move faster and while I am learning and running my own business, with no formal education in running said business, time moves even faster. So far I am keeping up. For right now I will just settle in for a fun weekend with maybe some snow. Update: no snow but lots of ice.

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